Curated by Faesthetic Magazine...


2018 / Faesthetic #15 is the official catalog for SXSW’s art programming, co curated with Karen Ingram.

2015 / Faesthetic #14 is the official catalog for the Toledo Museum of Art's spring & summer "Play Time" themed show.

2009 / Faesthetic curated a Fashion Week show at the Museum of Art and Design in NYC for Bespoken. The show included work from Fumi Mini NakamuraNick TassoneMatt W MooreDan Funderburgh & Bradley Askew.

2009 / Faesthetic curated a "Button-O-Matic" series for Busy Beaver. The series of buttons included work by SpacesickTim BiskupDamien CorrellJennifer DanielNicholas GazinGinette LapalmeTravis MillardSteak MTNLuke Ramsey & Geoffry Todd Smith.

2009 / Faesthetic teamed up with SCION and presented "This Must Be the Place" at the Scion Space gallery in Culver City. Featuring works by Dan FunderburghJemma HostetlerGluekitSkullphoneMatt CurryJoel SpeasmakerDamien Correll & Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch.

2006-09 / Faesthetic teamed up with Threadless to curate talent for the "Select Series." Faesthetic was responsible for bringing over 100 artists to the line.

2005 / Faesthetic collaborated with Jeremyville to bring custom satchels to Semi-Permanent.

2005 / Faesthetic presented "Accident Happy," at Alfred University in New York. The show featured computer randomized work by James PatersonJoshua Davis & Derrick Hodgson.

2004 / Faesthetic teamed up with Subliminal projectsSurface to Air & Faile to curate a series of politically-themed postcards for Downtown 4 Democracy.

2004 / Faesthetic, with Clamor magazine created a series of anti-war posters featuring original works from Shepard FaireyCody HudsonKozy-n-Dan & Faile

2002 / Faesthetic teamed up with 55dsl to curate 100 artists for a show called "8.5 x 11." The show featured black & white art, all produced on 8.5" x 11" paper for their NYC showroom.